The Great Rubber Duck Race

Do you know about Junior Achievement? Has your child every come home telling you about the awesome game they played as a business owner, or told you about the difference between rural, urban, and industrial areas? If you aren't familiar with Junior Achievement, I suggest you check them out here. They help kids learn about what it's like to be an entrepreneur or managing household finances, depending on the grade level. It's basically kid-friendly economics because, let's face it, even some adults' eyes glaze over when they hear "economics". I've had the privilege of teaching JA courses in my son's school, and I'll actually be teaching to two different classes this year. This program ties in perfectly with what I love to do - helping businesses manage their money, budget, set goals - that I sponsored ducks for their annual fundraising event. It doesn't hurt that the winning class gets season passes to Wild Waves. Just saying...

#JuniorAchievement #JA

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