Can you love your business too much?

Do you consider your business to be your baby? It only makes sense - you conceived the idea, you raised it from the beginning, you invested in it and worked hard to support it, and you probably hope it will take care you eventually. A new study in Human Brain Mapping suggests that often parental love and entrepreneurial love are quite similar. Here's a great article from Quartz that offers a brief summary in case you didn't schedule time in your day to read the entire study.

While your love for your business is justified, it also means you may be overlooking key trends in your business, its viability, or even seemingly mundane things like paying bills on time to keep good credit with your vendors.

Not to worry! Miller Bookkeeping can provide back office solutions so you stay focused on growing your business. We offer insight into how your business is performing over time and against similar businesses. We'll customize a bookkeeping solution that fits your business. Call us today to find out how!

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